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Tips to Avoid Pediatric Dental Phobias

 You probably know at least one person that is scared of the dentist. Perhaps you are too. In particular, this fear tends to start from a young age and it can get worse and turn into a phobia if it’s not tackled early. Pediatric dentistry in Arroyo Grande doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve got some top tips to make sure your next visit to the dentist with your kid is more enjoyable.


Try These Top Tips for Making Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist More Peaceful

Making a conscious effort to visit the dentist’s children from an early age can desensitize your child to the atmosphere of the surgery. Often new places with new faces and noises can be scary for kids. But once they get used to going and know nothing bad is going to happen, they can relax. Reassure your kids that this is a safe place to go where they can get help if they need it. Even arrange a pretend visit if you think this will help. It’s a way to build trust.


Also, be careful what you say. You don’t want to use negative words around their next appointment. For example, how would you feel talking about needles and drills when you were young? Try to focus on the positives of visiting the dentist, such as having healthy and strong teeth. It’s all about positive reinforcement.


You can even encourage your children to read dental books. When they like the characters in the book and know they can visit the dentist, they may feel better about doing it themselves. Some good books include ‘The Tooth Book’ by Dr. Suess and ‘Does a Tiger Open Wide’ by Fred Ehrlich.


Don’t forget to reward your child after they’ve been to the dentist. Of course, we’re not talking about candy or anything else harmful to the teeth! How about a trip to the movies or to their favorite playground? They’ll feel a lot better about their experience when they know there is a reward afterward.


Dr. Irina Adams is able to support and guide you and your child through any dental work. She offers pediatric dentistry in Arroyo Grande, helping your child establish positive affirmations and preventing phobias developing. With a friendly and kind voice, Dr. Irina Adams can put your child at ease and make them feel more comfortable in a dental surgery. You can make an appointment today.