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Pediatric Dental Care

How Can a Pediatric Dentist Help My Child?

Trips to the dentist can be filled with anxiety, even for adults. It’s extra scary for children. It may seem easier to put off these visits until your child is older and less fearful. But this can do more damage than you think. Fears can become more intense if they are not dealt with. Oral habits can also suffer. You may think you only need to teach your child to brush and floss, but there may be other habits that a dentist can teach your child to set them up for lifelong oral health.

The right pediatric dentist will accomplish two goals: relieving your child’s fears and teaching them good oral hygiene. A relaxing office will help your child to feel comfortable. The dentist will talk to them in a way they understand and teach them good habits. Starting these visits early will help your child keep up with regular dental visits later in life.


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Kid’s Dentist in Arroyo Grande, CA

Dr. Irina S. Adams, DMD, is an experienced pediatric dentist in Arroyo Grande, California. She is a parent herself, so she understands the special issues that come with young patients. She has been practicing for nearly 15 years, and the rest of her staff is equally experienced. They will comfort your child and teach them about oral health in an understanding and patient manner. Contact their office today with questions or to schedule a visit!


Dental Services for Kids

Dental services provided for young patients include:

  • Examinations
  • Cleanings
  • Restorative services when necessary, including sealants, fillings, crowns, and extractions
  • Surgical procedures when necessary
  • Education about brushing, flossing, and other daily maintenance
  • Education about foods that may damage teeth and gums

Dr. Irina Adams will guide you and your child through any necessary dental work and help to establish good habits for the future. Make an appointment today to start your child on the path towards excellent dental health!