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Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?


There are two main causes of darkening: wear of the enamel and staining of the enamel. The enamel can wear down from abrasion, erosion, and abfraction. Abrasion can result from day-to-day brushing, which wears down your teeth. Erosion can come about from acidic foods and drinks, and abfraction results from grinding.

The enamel can also stain. Acidic foods and drinks do more than wear the enamel – they also stain the teeth. Soda, coffee, and wine are usually the main culprits behind enamel staining.


How to Whiten Yellow Teeth?


You could try natural methods of whitening, such as eating certain fruits and vegetables and brushing with baking soda. However, unless your teeth are just beginning to stain, this may not be enough to achieve the white teeth you want. Over-the-counter strips can use harsh chemicals and are not customized for you as an individual. Professional teeth whitening offers many benefits and is the only way to ensure you get the bright results you need.

The office of Dr. Irina S. Adams uses a specific process of whitening that will produce the best results. We use a tray system which gives you complete control over the shade you can achieve. First, we take measurements so we can be sure that the trays will fit you. From these measurements we make thin, flexible mouth guards. A small amount of whitening gel, made from carbamide peroxide, is applied to each tooth. Then the trays are placed inside your mouth to hold the gel against your teeth. This keeps the gel from sliding off or washing away. The trays are worn for 20-30 minutes at a time. This process is repeated for several days, three or four times a day. When the ideal shade has been achieved, you can perform touch-ups at home once a week.

If you have dental work that contains porcelain, whitening will not be possible since porcelain cannot be bleached. However, we can cover it with Lumineers to whiten it.

Sometimes, whitening teeth can make them sensitive. If your teeth are already sensitive, a topical fluoride can make the process less painful.


Professional Teeth Whitening in Arroyo Grande, California

The office of Dr. Irina S. Adams provides efficient teeth whitening services in Arroyo Grande, California. We will help you achieve the white smile you’ve always wanted. We also offer checkups, cleanings, veneers, crowns, Invisalign, root canals, extractions, pediatric dental care, and sedation to calm dental fears. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your whitening needs in Arroyo Grande.

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