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Non-Surgical Dental Treatments

When you visit the dentist, it’s common to think about the surgical procedures. This is especially true if you don’t like going. Did you know that in the United States, almost 75% of adults are scared of visiting the dentist?

But not all of the treatments on offer have to be scary. There are non-surgical and non-invasive treatments on offer at Dr. Irina S Adams. Let’s see how they can help you.

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Examples of Non-Surgical Dental Treatments

Often, non-surgical dental treatments are preferred for periodontal disease, known as gum disease. For example, scaling and root planing can remove plaque or tartar. It can also make further bacterial toxins less likely to accumulate. This is achieved through cleaning the root surfaces and smoothing the tooth root.

For areas that may become difficult to clean, such as periodontal pockets, antimicrobials may be best. This can help to disinfect the area and help progressive gum disease.

How Can Periodontics Help You?

Everybody wants to have a fantastic smile. But you want to keep your gums looking and feeling healthy too. Plaque is notorious for damaging the enamel on your teeth. It can also irritate your gums, causing periodontal disease. Over time, the gums become inflamed and bacteria grows.

The good news is that non-surgical dental treatments can help you. Through a carefully selected treatment plan, your gums can heal and you can enjoy good oral hygiene. You can feel more confident again while feeling healthier, thanks to periodontics. 

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If you are considering non-surgical dental treatments, don’t look any further. Dr Irina S Adams offers cosmetic dentistry services that can help you with any problem. Whether you are worried about periodontal disease or want to learn more about surgical procedures, Dr. Irina Adams can assist you.

Dr. Adams has over 14 years of experience, with an extensive skill set in periodontics and other dental treatments. Every patient can enjoy a personal experience, with a treatment plan being created to suit your needs. A lot of people feel anxious about visiting the dentist. But every effort is made to make you feel comfortable and in the best hands. With the latest innovative equipment and cutting-edge technology, you won’t get better treatment anywhere else.

If you need a periodontist in Arroyo Grande, you can contact Dr Irina Adams today. It is simple and fast to make an appointment.

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