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Teeth Whitening in Arroyo Grande

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If you are like one of the millions of Americans in the United States who want to whiter teeth, you may be considering getting your teeth professionally whitened. Maybe you have tried one of the countless at-home treatments, but they aren’t working, so you have decided to look into professional teeth whitening service. Here are the top five benefits of teeth whitening:

1.  Custom Design:

Teeth whitening, when done by a professional, is made to fit your teeth and the shade you desire. It is applied directly to your teeth without trays or strips that can be ill-fitting and the chemical composition that is applied to your teeth is made especially for you.

2. Complete Whitening

Closely related to number 1, a whitening treatment applied by a professional ensures that all your teeth are whitened to expert standards, whereas over-the-counter treatments may not whiten all of the teeth fully.

3. Long-Lasting

Results from professional teeth whitening can last for months, even years. All results depend on your diet, what substances are hitting the teeth (remember, that coffee and nicotine will stain all teeth, whitened or not!)

4. Greater Control Over Shade

Whereas over-the-counter treatment options are supposed to get the user’s teeth to white or near white, working with a professional for teeth whitening treatment allows you to pick how white you want your teeth. This is done by choosing how many procedures you would like to undergo in order to whiten your teeth, how much of the chemical is applied, and other factors.

5. Greater Comfort

Because professional teeth whitening services do not use one-size-fits all strips and is applied by hand, you will be more comfortable as you sit for the hour needed each session to apply the chemicals. The dentist and their assistants will ensure that you are comfortable as it is applied.

Learn More about Teeth Whitening in Arroyo Grande

There are many more benefits to getting your teeth professionally whitened. If you are in the Arroyo Grande, California area and would like you teeth professionally whitened, or would like to learn more about the teeth whitening in Arroyo Grande process, contact Dr. Irina Adams, who can help you get started on the process today!