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Arroyo Grande Dental Implants

If you’ve ever asked yourself about dental implants and if you may need them, you may be surprised at what you read in a moment. They can be enormously beneficial, especially if you’ve had issues with your alignment in the past. These are the reasons you may need dental implants in Arroyo Grande.

Missing Teeth

If you have a missing molar in the back or neighboring tooth, you may be a prime candidate for dental implants. These are titanium anchors placed in your gums that connect to your jaw or skull much like your natural teeth do. If you’re missing teeth, especially in back, your smile can become crooked over time and your bite can be misaligned.

Incomplete Smile

You’ve lost a tooth, and it’s in a noticeable area. That’s huge confidence killer, and nobody wants to be afraid to smile nice and wide. Getting dental implants are the first step to getting brand new, natural-looking, permanent teeth to fill a certain area. These can be accompanied by a bridge, or by a porcelain crown to complete your smile. These can also be contoured to your current teeth color so it won’t look out of place.

Those With a Speech Problem

Sometimes, a missing tooth can actually impair your speech and make you more difficult to understand. This is especially frustrating when this problem did not persist before losing a tooth, or when you’re noticing the negative effects of this at your place of work. There’s nothing more exhausting than trying to reexplain yourself over and over again. Perhaps you’re the only one who noticed the small speech issue, and you want to fix it before it becomes normal to you, or a permanent problem. That’s where dental implants come into play; without that replacement tooth, whistling sounds or discomfort when you speak could be impacting your communication as a whole.

The best advice about dental implants Arroyo Grande dentist Dr. Irina Adams can give you, is that while they may not be for everyone, there’s a huge list of benefits and you should definitely consider it as a viable tooth replacement idea.