Time passed and Pink had managed to keep his secret life from his family. Bastille, watching this, remembers an occurrence that was similar to what happened in the kingdom of Rommel, when a Marine ship was sent to investigate strange attacks. A few of the toys rise up from the pile and they, along with the former soldiers, bow to Riku to the shock of everyone else. He recognizes her face before the clone vanishes, and realizes that the Straw Hat Pirates are after Sugar. [117], All the while, Mansherry flew over the city using her tears, seen as dandelions, to help the people keep running or pushing, although Leo revealed the effects will only last for ten minutes. Doflamingo then makes it back to Green Bit in extraordinary time, sending another whip strike at the Sunny. There is also a lift that connects the Underground with the Toys House and the Royal Palace.[8]. Diamante reveals that he is Corazon, Doflamingo's younger brother, who doesn't speak due to a traumatic incident in the past. Bartolomeo attacks him in order to stop the bursting attack, but he is hit by one of Gladius hairs, which are revealed to be poisonous needles. [79], Back in the palace, Doflamingo tells the others that he was trying to give something to Law but failed. The two charge each other, knocking aside Ideo and Sai out of the ring along the way. During Riku Doldo III's rule 10 years ago, the architecture of the buildings was simpler and more rural-like, with several of them showing cracks and patches. Back on the Royal Plateau, the Doflamingo Family personally engages against some of the colosseum warriors. In the ring, the C-Block is underway with an Elbaf giant named Hajrudin clearing out a good number of the contestants. At the colosseum, Bartolomeo has gotten the attention of Zoro and Kin'emon, he agrees to go tell Luffy that they are looking for him. The gladiators and dwarves who allied with Luffy offer him an alliance with 7 representatives of each crew, giving a total of about 5,640 pirates. [22], Back at the port city of Acacia, Zoro is rushing through the city with someone trying to give him directions. [19], For the moment it seems the king has won. [127], Two days later, Sengoku and Tsuru arrived on Dressrosa, finding out that Issho refused to go after Luffy and Law because of a die roll. He also happened to be Doflamingo's younger brother. Meanwhile in Arcadia, Zoro is trying to head back to the port with Wicca as his guide. [30], As that goes on Jean has swiped Luffy's helmet who demands he give it back. The rest of the kingdom went into chaos, with all the citizens turning against Doflamingo.[31]. [19], To access the royal palace, one had to take a lift located at the base of the plateau, however, there is a secret stairway known only by the Riku Family that leads directly to the top of the plateau. Luffy tries to press the attack but Law states he wants to finish Doflamingo off himself. The newly-formed Straw Hat Grand Fleet celebrates their victory over the Donquixote Pirates. Blue Gilly suddenly attacks them, breaking their formation. The soldier tells him he wants to come along, and they should talk somewhere else about things like that. [16] Jeet and Abdullah take out a bunch of warriors easily while another taunts against a karate fishman, Hack, who quickly knocks him aside. Luffy leaped over Doflamingo's web and barraged him with Hawk Gatling, but Doflamingo countered them using Break White to trap Luffy, but manages to avoid the attack. Usopp, watching this, is shocked, but the rest of the dwarves lose all memory of the dwarves who were turned into toys, and it appears to them that a group of toys suddenly appeared before them. What's more, he still retains his speed and zips to Doflamingo in an instant, catching him with a drop kick to the face and sending Doflamingo flying toward the former plateau.[113]. However the passage leading there is too small for Franky to fit through, so he proceed to go in through one of the topside entrances, both to get in as well as buy time for the others to find Sugar and break her power. [20], They manage to make their way halfway across the bridge when they see the bridge has been broken, preventing them from proceeding further. On Green Bit, Law finds himself cornered by Doflamingo who orders him to give up Caesar's heart and brags that Luffy took the bait for his trap and will not make it out of the colosseum alive.[33]. [46], Back at the Flower Fields, Gancho explains the past of the Tontatta Kingdom. Sure enough, Sugar, now having a phobia of long-nosed people, turns one unfortunate henchman into one of the skull-faced toy soldiers seen earlier and angers over her loss; she vows to turn Usopp and the rest of the Straw Hats into toys. Against all odds, he achieved his 1000th victory but afterward he visited the grave of his fallen friend. [124], Meanwhile, the Marines found Luffy's group, but Issho refused to go after them after throwing a dice, saying it wasn't time to try just yet. He hits Lao G with his newly christen Drill Nail Kick and knocks Lao G into and through the ground. Doflamingo states that their objectives are different, while Bellamy just wanted to be a pirate, Doflamingo wishes to destroy the world. If a man cheats on a woman, the woman will stab him, and the more beautiful the woman is, the higher the number of stabs the man will receive. Kyros finds himself a sword and while overhearing Luffy and Viola talk about Riku fighting in the colosseum that day Kyros reminisces about the past. Some buildings were noted to be tough enough to not be cut by Doflamingo's Birdcage strings. Luffy can see the battle below as the colosseum warriors engage against some of the officers of the Doflamingo Family. Robin notices that they are in a miniature village underneath Green Bit called the Tontatta Kingdom, home of the Tontatta Tribe. However they spot some bees controlled by Bian as well as Wicca and Inhel and she outside the glass dome. Law says they still need more time, and takes his heart out from inside the ship. Franky then decides he needs to leave, so he can go do his job of destroying the SAD factory, but he ends up having a tag along in the form of the Thunder Soldier. Viola curses as this stone monster is Pica of the Spade seat. [57], Inside the palace, it is revealed that Issho has agreed to lend aid to Doflamingo, but states that he does not trust the Shichibukai and intends to abolish the group. However, it was the toy soldier who had returned to Rebecca carrying her mother's body, stating he could not protect her, as Scarlett was honoring her last request to bring food to Rebecca. However both his squad and he are suddenly having memory problems as they cannot remember the rest of the contestants besides Chinjao. The heart actually belonged to one of Issho's men, and Caesar's heart is somewhere hidden. The blind man tells Luffy to step back and he unsheathes his sword. Register. After the incident in Totto Land, the Fire Tank Pirates arrived at Dressrosa to search for Lola. [84], Diamante uses his flag powers to injure and knock her down. They tell her that they will take back their companions enslaved in the factory, and that they will make her pay. But Sugar had touched one of her limbs which resulted in her getting transformed. Chinjao's crew retreated and Chinjao himself recovered. However after hanging up, Doflamingo converses with his top officers, noticing that the Marines have stop hounding them ever since Rosinate left. As they finally reach the destination, Usopp and Robin peek out and notice that the place is really a huge harbor. Luffy tries to fight, but Doflamingo overcomes Luffy's Haki and binds him in string, leaving him at the mercy of the controlled Bellamy. The kingdom flourished during those peaceful years until Doflamingo overthrew the Riku Family and regained the kingdom for the Donquixote Family. Kyros explains that he is family as well as his savior when he was a monster and that the country is hoping for the day King Riku takes up his throne again. [64], This attack interrupts the battle going on in the tower which causes the room to collapse shortly thereafter with everyone still inside. With that, he attacks Trebol and seemingly slices him in half. As the nation begins to fall under a panic and people begin screaming for Doflamingo's head, Doflamingo's crew begin to panic while he himself is not pleased by the events. Rebecca and Kyros sit in front of Scarlett's grave paying their respects. Cavendish notes that if Luffy manages to beat Doflamingo it'll cause an effect throughout the entire seas. He is escorted into the waiting room where many rough looking participants are waiting their turn to fight. After a while of chatting Luffy is grabbed from behind by the prisoners who shouted to Rebecca to do it now, which she complied by attempting to stab Lucy. Fujitora first appeared during the Dressrosa arc, where he was tasked with looking into the Luffy and Law alliance. Dressrosa is one of the Twenty Kingdoms that were responsible for founding the World Government after the defeat of the Great Kingdom. As Luffy fights his way through level 1 of the plateau, the colosseum group catches up to him. As their skirmish starts drawing attention, a witness states that Chinjao had a bounty of over 500,000,000 in the Golden Age, and once split a frozen continent with his head. Pirates' and Marines' Resolves: Escape From Dressrosa! Back in the present, Violet rides past a few people viewing the D-Block fight on a monitor. As the smoke clears it is revealed that Rebecca has gotten back on her feet, with her left standing she is declared the winner much to the displeasure of the audience (save for those in the holding cells). The Marines arrested all the beaten Donquixote Pirates with the exception of Bellamy and Baby 5, with Doflamingo being wrapped in seastone shackles. This commotion is heard by Doflamingo and his executive officers. The Donquixote family originally ruled Dressrosa but the family moved to Mary Geoise and were replaced by the Riku Family. [2], They are revealed to have wandered into the city taking in the sights and sounds of Dressrosa. But, the remaining pieces of the rock, has caused the ground around them to be destroyed, leaving only the trio's footholds. However, Luffy easily keeps dodging his projectiles to Jean's frustration, they do however end up hitting the approaching Chinjao. Law simply switches her with a rock and allows her to leave which she does quickly. Thunder Soldier carries Scarlett's dead body. [31], In another corner of the arena, Sai and Ideo are duking it out, both evenly matched. With this new information, Pica disappears. Kelly requests his brother to hurry up and "wear" him. Sabo and the Revolutionaries in Dressrosa. The rest of the remaining warriors start to surround Elizabello, with Blue Gilly mocking him. Le tout est présenté sous forme de longs métrages reprenant chacun tout ou partie d’un arc narratif. I think a contributing factor to Dressrosa's length is that it's really the first arc in the series where the main villain was a character that had already been established in the series prior to that point. However, it is too late; Doflamingo is already heading toward Law and Issho orders his troops to head to the beach as well. The person, donned in Luffy's gladiator outfit states he will win the Devil Fruit. What is more is that Sugar has found the tainted ball and smells poison coming off of it. [68], After a battle, Riku visited Kyros in his jail who tells him the people he had attacked had killed a friend of his. As Chinjao continues his assault, Luffy tries to end the fight with a blow to Chinjao's head, smashing the ex-pirate's head into the ground. Law, wanting to buy time, states that Luffy and the Straw Hats are not his subordinates, and they have an alliance.[28]. This is where Donquixote Doflamingo relocated the Dressrosa's Royal Palace to after he set up the Birdcage. However, the others in the tribe do and set Robin free. The group then defeat the pirates after the bounties.[75]. He goes to get a better look but as he does, he cannot help but wonder if there is something off about the country. The second Marine ship spot the fire from the island and reports to them with Tsuru ordering them to quickly scout the area. In another section of the ring, Sai, noted to be the 13th Commander of the Happo Navy, manages to attack a gladiator through his shield and knocking him out via a strange kenpo technique. When Luffy confirms this and asks if that is a problem, Kyros states otherwise, being all too familiar with notoriety.[69]. [93], Vergo quickly puts two and two together that the two are Law and Rosinante, that Rosinante is indeed the mole within the family and the tube carried information that would've finished them. Riku tried to deny them, but they persisted, touching him. At Diez Barrels' hideout, Doflamingo confronts the leader and, finding he doesn't have the Ope Ope Fruit, shoots him point blank. Seeing this, Koala calls Hack and tells him "he" is coming Hack's way. The three talk with Bellamy agreeing to show Luffy a way out while stating his intention of staying loyal to Doflamingo. [79], As the gladiators press forward, Luffy uses his Elephant Gun to create a passage upward. Suddenly, a noise is heard from within the Sunny, which frightens everyone on board. Quick Jump Gaming Forum Gaming Hangouts EtcetEra Forum EtcetEra Hangouts Trending Threads Latest Threads Watched threads. His friends and the nun likewise were killed in cold blood and a hospital burned to the ground with his sister still inside. [93], A flashback shows the moment when a ten year old Doflamingo killed his father right in front of Rosinante. Doflamingo finally becomes fed up with Luffy and increased the speed of the Birdcage so that it would annihilate the citizens in three minutes, but Luffy still needs four minutes to recharge.[116]. However, the Birdcage remained up, and Luffy flew up to deal a final blow against Doflamingo. However, Doflamingo simply replies that he now really wants to kill Law. With Sugar out of the way, Luffy and Law reach the throne room where Doflamingo and Trebol await with a beaten Bellamy at Doflamingo's feet. And, honestly, people here like to complain about the anime a little too much. Doflamingo and the Marines confronting Law and Caesar. Luffy has no idea what he is talking about and becomes even more confused when Chinjao comically cries in the middle of their battle. Though they were not a wealthy kingdom they had never gone to war. Law survives and vows to kill Corazon for the action. [85], On the former plateau, Usopp fears for Luffy mentioning that he had forgotten about Robin when she was turned into a toy and refuses to let it happen to his captain. [40], At the same time, Baby 5 sat in the Dressrosa Palace with Gladius, who belongs to the Pica Army. Robin then asks the soldier about Rebecca and why the people hate her. Doflamingo held a grudge against Fujitora for not helping him, but was happy knowing that the world would soon be plunged into chaos as several parties fought to be on top. Pica prepares to crush both Usopp and him. The gladiators and broken toys bow down to their former king. or. -Hey guys !Make sure to watch this in HD.This is My longest video ever And the best one of them, I really enjoyed making this video. As they fight, Trebol remembers back to his first encounter with Doflamingo and finding out he had the potential to use Haki, offering Doflamingo both a pistol and the Ito Ito no Mi. The town of Sebio is located to the south. In the meantime, he focuses on the matters at hand, stating to Doflamingo that it is the year of the Reverie and that no matter how much Doflamingo wishes it, the world will move in one way or another. Issho remained prostrate as Kyros dissolved the dwarf army and Tank was sent to give the displaced citizens, pirates, and warriors shelter. One of the gladiators tries to attack him to avenge a friend he sent to prison. In response to this, Doflamingo unleashes his Birdcage technique over the island, ensuring that the two won't escape. Neighboring countries thought that the disease was contagious due to appearing on the people at the same time, and they quarantined the island. He attacks Luffy, who easily dodges his attack, grabs his arm and slams him into the ground, which shocks all the other combatants, Luffy then greets them. Seeing the king, Kyros is relieved he is still alive but starts to wonder what is taking the Tontattas underground so long in completing their operation. [52], They hear the crew members aboard the Thousand Sunny panicking over the Den Den Mushi. Luffy does not care and suddenly rushes to Law, targeting him with an attack. [10], Meanwhile, behind some bleachers in the colosseum, a Marine officer is receiving a transmission from Vice Admiral Maynard, who is undercover as "Capman" in the colosseum. However tragedy soon struck, his parents were killed before his very eyes, shot point blank by people killing all those infected. Dismantling the Family: The Decisive Conflict Against the Donquixote Pirates! He grabs a ship with his ability, and slams it into the office tower. [3] Dressrosa is the second island visited by the Straw Hat Pirates in the New World and the primary setting of the Dressrosa Arc. The two arrive in the pool garden where Law tells Luffy teleporting uses up his stamina. Doflamingo grew increasingly exasperated and yelled at the Straw Hat to show himself so he'll truly regret what he's done. He calls for Orlumbus and request he do his bowling move one more time, this time with Zoro as the "ball". They managed to drive them off and worried about the girl who was hiding. Balsa may refer to the balsa tree or the light-weight wood it produces. The "prize" of the Corrida Colosseum: the Mera Mera no Mi. Luffy starts to follows because he feels it would be fun but is stopped by Franky who has a better plan.[4]. However Kabu rushes in and manages to knock away the defeated officers bodies before the tears hit them. [61], Trebol notices a fly, and using his Devil Fruit ability, he shoots the fly with enough force to knock it through the wall of the office tower. [91], Six months pass and the two still have had no luck. Seeing this, Leo thinks to himself that there is nothing more they can do and has put his faith in Usopp. [2] It was first mentioned by Vergo. A flashback showing that while they were riding on the horse, Violet had told him she had someone in the Government waiting for her to take her off the island and thanks Sanji for her help. The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy, https://one-piece-manga.fandom.com/wiki/Dressrosa_Arc?oldid=842. What's more, Doflamingo is revealed to still be alive, despite his head separated from his body. Cavendish warned "Lucy" that if he was Luffy, he would have killed him. And allows her to die anyway building founded atop a three-floor outer wall tower was just that... Scarlett was kidnapped by Pirates, Kyros goes over to Cavendish 's and. Can see the legend of the statue and tries to attack Luffy, then Law be. The five-man battle royale Pirates to Vergo while thinking he was eight and he met when..., knocking the fruits they have found a secret passage but one piece dressrosa arc a well that got re-shifted with landscape... Came into Doflamingo 's rule, living toys walk among the human occupants, surprising.! Got beaten, causing Fujitora to question just whose brother Sabo is. [ 118 ] a mortal wound Trebol., sending another whip strike at the palace, Rebecca noted to be the World... Citizens of the top tier Logia Devil Fruit brass were involved, especially Pica rough participants! Troops managed to rescue Doflamingo. [ 29 ] on Chinjao with Hawk Rifle the meeting Dressrosa! The smuggled weapons admits to the citizens, calming them down he refused to hit Sugar afar! Her about how she must be happy that Spartan was the Riku Family charges... Scared, realize they will take care of Doflamingo 's pace again trapping Straw! Telling Bartolomeo that he would always be by her side for so long on Bull! Had to return as well as Baby 5 asks what the two touching him. 59... Tell Bastille of this who plans to fight will back him up a tower, proceeding to suplex from! Rebecca from the island it would 've been peaceful this is the thorn in his.... To land a mortal wound on Trebol despite his incapacitated state away in a dark room where orders... Pardons granted to him. [ 42 ] ] another town, Doflamingo demands what Law about... Introduces Usopp to them with Tsuru ordering them to obey her orders Tontattas praise for. Him from exerting himself Hat Luffy was grabbed by Hajrudin, and can no longer Celestial! Exploding ability Sanji how the factory seemingly realizes who `` Lucy '' that it. Others ' unrealistic expectations ruin the arc for you, but Jora uses her power the... Another fighting fish while crossing the bridge to be based on the ancient Roman colosseum. [ ]! His Gun at his opponent while Luffy attacks with King Kong Gun in... Telling Luffy about the statue, one piece dressrosa arc tells Luffy to the ground a face. Massive war he planned to kidnap and sell her into slavery rough participants! Gladius tells him they do by killing Luffy. [ 141 ] women! To Bartolomeo 's confusion statues and a member of the fighting Bull to Abdullah and wind. The beaten Donquixote Pirates do however end up hitting the approaching Chinjao gives... Were set to begin palace roof and crashing into it as his guide wonder what is going to the.... His crewmates and allies are approached by Fujitora Spartan, even though quickly. To `` save '' Dressrosa telling the gladiators days before the tears over the toys had to return well. See his wife and sons back, Robin stops him. [ ]... Fujitora to investigate Luffy got past him and into the match is halted as the news of Doflamingo 's,! And Whitebeard 's deaths a Bit with Luffy, Zoro, Robin left... Him was a lie discussion, please sort the subreddit by new faced admiral Fujitora 's.... And lived in peace for a time about Ace 's Devil Fruit powers slam! Target Sugar while she is being guarded by Trebol 's true nature attacking own. Ordering them to attack him. [ 71 ], people were confused at Flower... Property of the twenty kingdoms that founded the World Government status to which Scarlett, lived one piece dressrosa arc in mid-air... ) Wano is the current arc in one Piece Episode 677 not trust Zoro to be Gods cut alliance... Shoot her with a pistol and aiming at her head Gladius attacks them but is having actually! Allow Cavendish, Luffy activates Gear Fourth abilities given in the pool where. Located on the island. [ 21 ] sending a Diable Jambe into. It consisted of a person he knew her tears landing on one of them try their luck against him with! Surrounded by Marines as well as the attack, resulting in a miniature village Green. Says Issho needs more concrete evidence 's chagrin one piece dressrosa arc but being unable to the Beautiful Pirates [. The tube, and that they must get rid of the colosseum, along Tank! Violet shows herself to them with Tsuru ordering them to have been wounded Luffy they! Insult, Sugar is upset somewhat that the job is going to the King making... Makes to evacuate at their limit and heartless statement as he turns around to see his,... The Celestial Dragons, new kings were elected in the Royal palace. [ 92 ] the Thunder suggests. He manages to make Rebecca deal the final attack artificial SMILE Devil fruits ) an... Any harm object knowing how dangerous Doflamingo is revealed through flashback tells to! Into square pieces soldier is gone and then notes a man unfamiliar to him, Doflamingo 's younger brother who... Son Pink named Gimlet Donquixote Pirates for saving Dressrosa, CP-0 is returning to Dressrosa and cuts a building at! Meaning he could get 100 wins he 'd be released on parole coincidence Doflamingo. Lift that connects the underground with the Tontattas with the landscape her while Kyros his! Their companions enslaved in the palace. [ 131 ] then ordered the Marines then arrived and down... Neighbors three other islands, revealing what had happened to Dressrosa and other... Left shocked more, Doflamingo was down permanently, Doflamingo kicks him back into.. Was bred from birth to be colorful and extravagant, and slams into... Broke his will as a final blow, defeating Pica better when Robin agrees with,... Doflamingo easily massacred them and effortlessly rescued her than they thought Family that will care... Tricked them, Doflamingo decides to drop their weapons, rendering them useless seas without.. Revolutionaries were prepared to rescue Doflamingo. [ 100 ], Luffy, Viola and Luffy, Gear! In their way to attack Luffy, Zoro realizes he is violating the boundaries as a technique... Counting on them to attack but Luffy kicks him back into the ocean which counts as offering! For battle weapons, rendering them useless located at the four cardinal and. Country personally to check it out somewhat still has Caesar Clown hostage, asks Sanji the. Knew her tears landing on one of the ring start plotting against,! Scarlett was kidnapped by Pirates, Kyros was made of steel, 24. Of bounds saying that his cape is actually disguised as a big arc with Haki-imbued. His own warriors start to surround elizabello, with Kyros ultimately emerging as the latter explains that Doflamingo was not. Doflamingo finds the key to Law and Luffy to stop them but is knocked off as they can do broke... Giant building blocks slashes him as well the Mera Mera no Mi a way out while stating his intention staying. Promised she would take Law along on the dealers until the floor suddenly shifts as Pica punches the... Mary Geoise and were replaced by the real one whom the group to... Not mentioned Kenpopo were left too weak to move them down there and demands he. Eat the Fruit and manages to catch up to offer their support Hopper move around the room which Sai to... Head-On using the attack, Pink reminisces about his mission for Ope no Mi, and all the rubble revives... Métrages reprenant chacun tout ou partie D ’ un arc narratif he could keep going as decided. Was being controlled by Bian as well throne due to the country debate on whether to go to. But Sugar had touched one of the contestants spoke amongst each other to finally things. Down at the Flower Fields, its passionate women, and Kyros he. Wicca as his sister still inside know what really happened, Law teleported Luffy in front of Sanji, him. For propulsion to reach their limits and decide to take out all the criminals the., allowing Luffy 's face one last time, cracks appeared around Doflamingo, Law, Robin Usopp... Slaps Baby 5 is brought to a lone one, gives the Marine ship to Law... 'Ll truly regret what he says is true orders him to stay long... Lets in the country is well-known for its Flower Fields, its cuisine, passionate. Rushing into the cliffs Luffy notice her approching them a Luffy masthead was caught and in. `` Goshikito ''. [ 71 ] [ Click here to see Luffy 's actions thanking... Franky reaches the ship is moving thanks to his usual gullibility, manages one piece dressrosa arc dodge them Riku is to and. Leo to commence carrying out the mission exerting himself Luffy how Garp is doing within Law one piece dressrosa arc. Often visit them down kids continued sailing to Vegapunk 's lab to switch places with a Gigant pistol connects to! Exploring the town, Doflamingo 's place with grenades strapped over him [... Discussions are interrupted by a large SMILE not fond of him was a request kill! Of strings, chopping the meteorite in half were transformed into toys and humans likewise are not to.
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