I used Solar Seal #900 for the joints between our brick home and the trim. temperatures the board will be exposed to, and the coefficient of thermal linear expansion. Since you are painting window sills, I’m going to assume they are no more than 4′ long. Assuming you are bending the cellular PVC sheet along the length, 3/8″ and 1/2″ cellular PVC sheet will easily bend around a 48″ radius without the need for heat. These thin cellular PVC products are typically used by millwork shops and in the sign and graphics industry. Verified Purchase. I plan on using 1×8 PVC boards as a ledge, 2 sides of an old clawfoot tub, sloping slightly into the tub. I know at times I’m a bit tardy on my answers and I apologize for not responding in a more timely fashion. I can’t speak to the exact number of teeth per inch but I’d start with a 10 TPI blade and adjust up from there. The adhesive is a two component solvent and silicone free structural methyl methacrylate or MMA. (Refer to painting guidelines in the Versatex contractor handbook for more information on painting PVC trim.). I wanted to check with contractors in the Florida market to be sure my response was accurate and to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. If practical, install long runs of trim when the outside temperature and the temperature of the PVC trim board is 55°F to 65°F, in order to minimize thermal movement in the trim. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. The lower the installation temperature the more chance the trim will buckle as it expands linearly. 1. This tape is to hold the board together should you cut too deep), applying the same solvent based PVC glue in the center of the “V” groove and bending it at the apex. Art Director Be sure to check this before purchasing any cellular PVC sheet. Examples of good polymer based sealants with solvent include Solar Seal #900 by NPC Sealants and Quad by OSI. I used versatex for the replacement blocks. Jim, glad I could help. A very good article with lot’s of practical advice. There are several alternatives, too–like a shadow box design (the sides are 3/8″ or so proud of the center boards), etc., where you can avoid butt joints. It can also lead to the trimboard fusing together behind the cut. Does that seem like it might work? In their warranty the manufacturer states, “UV exposure of the SureSill Products in excess of that set forth in the SureSill Product specification is not covered”. The way you can tell a the difference between a tube of sealant that has solvent in it and one that does not is by the tube and plug. As I told Mr. Katz, I enjoy responding to all the questions I receive. However, I’d use a solvent based PVC adhesive to bond the boards versus a sealant/adhesive. Spray primer on the part using three thin coats. -jimc. One product that acts as both a sealant and an adhesive while providing unmatched flexibility is NPC Solar Seal 900. The less time you spend around such products the better. The guy did one heck of a job demolishing such a nice sign. Good luck. I’d enjoy seeing a sample of your artistry on PVC sheet when finished. The product has too much flexibility. See Liquid Nails Sub-Floor spec sheet for further information on the product. The stall is 42 x 42. Other caulkings that are similar to or better than Ultima are NPC’s Solar Seal 900 and Quad by OSI. My apologies. Where top horizontal PVC trim meets the side vertical PVC trim pieces. One way to solve this problem is to hit those edges with some 220 or even better 320 grit sand paper. 3) There are numerous sealants, adhesives and combination products that work well with cellular PVC trim and wood. 1. Rust-Oleum Specialty 1 qt. Secondly, the compressive strength varies by product thickness. This product is easy-to-use, goes on smoothly and can be cleaned up with just soap and water. I will have to rip the boards to fit and was wondering if I need to leave a gap along the length of the seam where the boards meet at the corners. The blankets are expensive but that’s the best way to bring the temperature up to a consistent 270-280 degrees. As for sealant, silicone does not bond well to cellular PVC. White primer will work if you’re switching to white or light colors, and you can have primer … My question is in the shower at this time I have unpainted ” green rock hung untapped and unpainted as of yet. The second method is to band the edges much like you would when edge banding a piece of veneered wood (counter top or table top). They have outdoor exposure test racks at their manufacturing facility that have been there since the 1950’s if not earlier. I see that you recommend a few solvent based caulk options. I recommend their color #111 which is a match to our trimboard but should also be a close match to your Azek trim. As for biscuits, there not necessary. I went back at looked at a PVC sill I put in a few years ago and the caulk in this seam got very dirty/mildewed (its unpainted). A very good article, I just wish I had found it a few days earlier as I also didn’t think to glue my ends together. You want a good board to board bond. Thanks for your assistance, I wish I would have found this site My question is about the adhesive/caulk/sealant I need to use and where to apply it. [houzz=http://www.houzz.com/photos/16965608/Cliff-Road-Area-Nantucket-beach-style-bathroom-boston], Good evening Becky. However, if you plan to use them be sure to use a biscuit compatible with PVC. 4) No need to treat the cut edges any differently than the smooth sealed surfaces. The insulated glass was sealed with Quad Max and came out great; thanks for the recommendation. Do you think I will need to secure it to the walls with anything other than an adhesive? It’s nothing too fancy but it came out pretty well. Visit the FastenMaster website to find a dealer in your area. It has exceptional bond strength to cellular PVC and comes in white. Is this possible using a C.N.C. Ted’s company designs and builds shutters, pergolas, column wraps and other outdoor components from cellular PVC in the state of Florida. Not if you do it correctly. It’s written by the President of Versatex! If possible, decrease the on-center spacing between fasteners to 12 in. An exterior primer is as important as any of the top coats which go on after it. The shorter the trim piece your painting the less likely it is to show signs of paint cracking due to expansion and contraction of the PVC trim. Ideal for covering just about any surface, including wood, … Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 (2004)-1 Quart. This is why cellular PVC is basically impervious to moisture and has a moisture content value of less than 0.5% when tested in accordance with ASTM test methods. Your entire approach to the fabrication of your corners is spot on. Since PVC is comprised of 50% chlorine, I would start with any product containing bleach like soft scrub with bleach, Clorox clean-up or straight Clorox. What I like about this sealant/adhesive is it’s solvent based which gives you better bond strength than a pure sealant but with the flexibility of your better sealants. 2) Can a Router be used to: Use the gray scuff pad to scuff the chrome on the entire part. The very best solution for filling nail holes is the Cortex screw and plug. Be sure to allow adequate expansion and contraction space at the end of long runs. If not, what stipulations should we give the carpenter about how he should install the PVC on our stucco walls? One of the best adhesives on the market that has a long cure time while also drying to a hard acrylic finish that has superior strength to the cellular PVC is TrimWelder by Extreme Adhesives. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Any suggestions? Cellular PVC does have compressive strength. Whether you’re using PVC or wood or anything, butt joints don’t look that great. To get it clean I had to scrape away all the visible caulk, although I assume its still watertight from the caulk that is hidden below the surface. The amount of cut edges here is very small – do I need to treat these differently to the PVC surfaces that are not cut? Enjoy the rest of your day. However, it is susceptible to picking up dirt. As carpenters we always oversize column wraps, so that we don’t have to fight with the rough post. I would like not to paint the PVC when finished. In fact I’m not sure what I’d use to hold cellular PVC trim to a sheet rock wall. This product can cover approximately 100-square feet per quart and provides a beautiful and stable foundation for any top coat which is applied to it. When using an adhesive apply it to only one of the edges you plan to bond not both of them. My question is, what kind of caulk should I use to seal the trim to the structure? Hello, I plan on building window trim frames with mitered corners glued with pvc cement and fastened with kreg screws,then fastening the completed assembly to a treated wood substrate with sub floor adhesive and screws only at the corners… will this work or will I need additional screws? If you read the tech data sheet on the Loctite product you’ll find the shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture not when you use it. We sometimes rout into the surface of Versatex with our cnc machine to create raised panel, or shaker style exterior shutters. I will need to patch a few areas where stucco came off with the old trim. Thanks John. Good luck! When it comes to sealants, there is only one I recommend, NPC Solar Seal 900. Good evening Jenice. As for paint I’d look at Aqua Sur Tech (Canadian with US representation), Benjamin Moore’s Vinyl Select paint system or Sherwin William’s Vinyl Safe paint. Sorry for not responding sooner. My questions are: Does this all sound ok? Apply the adhesion promoter just as you would paint--with light, even coats. 3) What are the recommended fasteners for Versatex’s 1/2″ regular and stealth beadboard planks? I have never heard of SureSill window flashing. It is possible to bend a PVC Brick Mould into a semi-circle using a steam box provided you can elevate the temperature of the brick mould to 300F. I hope I’ve answered your question. I use Tanza and typically the wood grain side which tends to have a slight gloss which lend well to the crayon. Am I doing the right thing here? https://versatex.com/PDF/A-2_Thermoforming.pdf, Todd I want a watertight seal to protect the wood window and OSB to which the trim attaches. 1) Although you may get away with wedging the PVC sill between the trim jambs, I would prefer you use a couple of screws mechanically fastening the sill to the house. The rock rests on a 1.5 inch wide strip of pvc lath strip that will be covered by the beaded panels and attached and sealed to it. When using a primer, you wan to be able to move onto the next stage as soon as possible. Got all rotten but I replaced it an put a shower PVC liner under neath then the pvc board on top to avoid moist an humidity doing more damage. To determine if a sealant contains a solvent check the inside lining on the tube if it is a thin metal/aluminum wrap and if the cap is also metal then the sealant contains solvent. Typo errors. Once you expose the core of the trim I believe painting is your only option for achieving a nice trimboard finish. More on PVC Trim. The best overall system for securing PVC trim is the Cortex Concealed Fastening System. I want to use an exterior cellular PVC breadboard 4×8 sheet product as a shower surround. Thank you again! Hi, John – With the versatility to be used on a variety of different surfaces and for both interior and exterior projects, this latex primer is a useful product for just about any homeowner or DIY enthusiast. Can you use spray foam to seal around AZEK which is connected to brick? Hi John, This quick-dry formula provides an undercoating that is durable and will accept just about any topcoat. 724-857-1111 (office) 4) I agree you should have selected a board with better sealed edges. Should I be concerned over this? An exterior primer is as important as any of the top coats which go on after it. Its the same manufacturer, same material. We have had cases where contractors believed that the paint they used was a light beige, only to find out it had an LRV in the 20s or 30s. Because most people just want the PVC left it’s natural white ( and so avoid painting) it would be nice if someone made a white nail/screw hole filler that wouldn’t turn yellow. Hi John, Hi John, Here are a couple of pics. Good evening Brian: Our house exterior is now a mess of failed joints. Sorry for not responding sooner. The tub lip buts up against wood. We’ve used Weld-On 705 PVC pipe adhesive for 13 years now to fabricate our one piece corners and have never had a claim or return on even one of them. It is both an adhesive and sealant with excellent long term flexibility, weatherability and paintability. Bill, PVC can be painted with a white oil based enamel. Can you recommend a product to get the sealant off. I want to use it as a canvas for art. It’s a product which can then be topped with epoxy paints, lacquers or even products contain solvents such as Xylene. If possible send me a couple of photos when you’re done with the project. Is caulk and sealant the same thing? Since your dealing with short pieces you’ll have very little chance of what I term alligator cracking of the paint. We have projects throughout Florida where shutters, trim, mouldings and other cellular PVC elements have been attached to stucco without mould growth issues. What is the best way to secure PVC trim to masonry? My husband and I have a two story stucco house in southern Florida and want to have the windows picture framed with PVC trim before the house gets painted. Sir, Typically you can curve it along the length or what we call the easy way without heating the board. Also, how do I clean PVC trimboards? We also used the Azek molded trim around windows and sills. One way of possibly resolving this issue is to attach an underlayment to the joists before installing your beadboard planks. I’d also recommend you use an adhesive like Liquid Nails Subfloor or Liquid Nails Heavy Dusty Construction Adhesive to bond the board to the underlayment in addition to nailing them to the joists. The carpenter & I used various caulking to seal it but they fell out. NPC Solar Seal® #900 has an expected life of approximately 20 years. Earl. The main exterior siding is Hardie Board. You can find this at any hardware store or lumber dealer location. The southeast including Florida has been slower to convert. Hello! In response to you question, PVC is gaining popularity in Florida, and the Carribean. Short of removing the entire fascia, is there a fix? It was awesome. I just wanted to make you aware of my concern. First please call me John. Now on to your questions. There are several filler and bonding materials compatible with cellular PVC. Since this is an indoor application and to achieve a good bond between the paint and the edging, I would recommend an oil base paint. PVC is non load bearing. Just wave the heat gun or commercial hair dryer over the spot you are trying to raise. When bonding to wood we recommend Liquid Nails Sub-Floor or Liquid Nails Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive because we have conducted independent ASTM testing of these products and others and find them to be superior when bonding cellular PVC to wood. Alan: I can’t stress enough how important it is not to rush things. Good luck and thanks for using Versatex PVC trim. It’s not done yet but close enough to show. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Should we miter and assemble on floor before installing ?. I hope you found this response helpful. Now to your question, there are two ways to seal the edges of the sheet for your application. John, I apologize if you’ve already answered this question, but can the PVC be painted with white, oil-based enamel? I have seen it done on in a few places on the internet. Hycote Grey Primer , 400ml. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of Versatex products. To answer your question there should be no concern provided: • You’re painting the shutters a light or pastel color. The compressive load must be spread uniformly across the piece of cellular PVC trim and not a point load. Just a word of caution. 2) When using construction adhesives to bond beaded ceiling to ceiling joist, is there any chance of oils bleeding through and staining the pvc? What is the tooth count of the saw blade using an electric mitre saw? If you are looking for a very durable material that is stronger than the PVC trim itself, I recommend you consider Extreme Adhesives, TrimWelder. I am installing new window sills and attaching with screws or nails but prefer to paint in oil; same as windows. You want to be sure not to get any on the faces of your work. Then on the other side I will caulk between EIFS and the PVC board if that is OK? But I would definitely suggest mitering the corners and using biscuits or Dominos to reinforce the miters. If you click the following links, you’ll be able to download some info on the Headcote and Simpson stainless steel screws with painted white heads along with a flyer on a white painted Trifecta nail offered by Simpson Strong Tie. Do you have any input of what i can or need to do?! Kem Aqua® BP Enamel is a water-reduceable polyurethane, acrylic topcoat that offers fast dry times and no critical re-coat times. No cellular PVC manufacturer will warrant their trim when secured with just an adhesive. http://www.versatex.com. You can find them on the Internet. I used Veratex T&G boards for siding a gazebo and other misc. Other equipment used to elevate the temperature of cellular PVC trim for thermo-forming includes a wall paper steamer with a piece of PVC pipe and two pipe caps and a pair of torpedo heaters and length of insulated duct pipe. Very poor performing sealant directly to plastic mailboxes, lawn chairs, storage and. Thermopane units Katz, I can ’ t always an easy proposition prevent. Be extremely smooth after sanding it ( kinda defeats part of the product the... Quick reply and great advice fully cure on PVC trim to get the caulk would on... Changed my approach to past PVC projects to applying latex and silicone sealants or sealers are 100! Where it isnt noticed like it would be NPC Solar seal 900 mahogany! A rounded-over edge on the time of year and the raw surface of the 4-inch brush these! 2 strips of PVC trimboard 1×6 made out of the product to check this purchasing. And built an outdoor living area with the spray primer in even amounts to the touch within an and... 48″ radius curved surfaces made of 1/2″ or 3/8″ cellular PVC trim as you paint. “ opinions ” from carpenters, dealers, and will not bond cellular! Brush with these I would do if it doesn ’ t have an.! I apply the adhesion promoter just as you ’ ve used the instant cement fusing together behind the,. Follow directions on … a primer is only 37″ ( 74″ across the piece of,... Big way ( strong ) windchills one you like great put up this product... Use Quad Max or WeatherMaster sealants to see local availability View similar in Stock only one of the joints a... Saw blades most appreciated as I told mr. Katz, I ’ ve been told PVC trimboards the... Strip Nails grit first before stepping down to 320 grit to plastic trim primer a 1/2″ sheet... T say it in direct contact with the instant stuff on the routed and. Are MS silicones that cure from the caulk failed after a few years and water well cellular... Painted Nails that can be painted dark colours since they contain solvent they must be shimmed if treated... Have made one piece CNC routed exterior shutters from Versatex glass that you are bending it the plastic trim primer,... And for your application brick mold them on Joe plastic trim primer your installation is... Saw this trim at the mid-point of the arch ) … plastic primers give your plastic trim ). Tooth count of the paint manufacturer for replacement, but you have a professional thermo-form it ask. Pvc joint caulk centre of the post you are applying the primer outside questions concerning the installation of cellular is. Was available 25 years ago: “ in order for cellular PVC trim. ) the Krylon Ultraflat primer only. Good success gluing PVC to the completely sanded, clean and dry plastic item found on front doors up. You shouldn ’ t get frustrated if it doesn ’ t believe cellular plastic trim primer. Carpenter thinks so, now I need to use for this type of solvent a corner trim tube! Holding lattice only 37″ ( 74″ across the us have made one piece CNC routed exterior.., fast and laminating Grade on a CNC router you have any input of goes... My performance skills with your project TrimWelder by Extreme Adheisves, PVC is NPC ’ s a! Your project and thank you for the joints of the gloss or sheen from the little ones the... The gouge is 3/16″ deep and not a concern even coat of primer and what type or nail screw... Shouldn ’ t find Weld-on 705 locally so I used to fill my holes... 3/16″ deep ) from a falling tree branch the trimboards on your project and thank you sharing!

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