Souza, S.H. Tyeb Mehta’s Sitting Figure painted in the year of 1967 is from a crucial period of transition in his oeuvre. Courtesy: Tyeb Mehta Untitled (Yellow Heads) Oil on Canvas 59 x 41¼ in. Tyeb Mehta was an Indian painter, sculptor and film maker. Initially a film editor, his interest in painting led him to the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai from where he graduated in 1952. Tyeb Mehta, who along with other members of the Progressive Artists Group initiated modernism in Indian art, died of a heart attack on July 2. Representing the battle of good and evil, creation and destruction, the 1989 canvas by Tyeb Mehta is the largest of the only three standing figures painted by the artist. Tyeb Mehta’s Untitled, 1974, the other artwork estimated to fetch seven figures ($1 million - $1.5 million), returns to auction after 17 years, when it was sold for a tenth, $122,580. Tyeb Mehta is survived by his wife Sakhina, a son and a daughter. Celebration, by Tyeb Mehta; Celebration, Florida, a community in the United States, originally developed by The Walt Disney Company. The hammer fell at Christie's in New York, fixing the price at US $317,500 for Tyeb Mehta's triptych Celebration, and art lovers everywhere opened their eyes a little wider—to take a closer look at this masterpiece, reproduced on the front page of The Times of India on September 24, 2002. Born in Kapadvanj, a town in Gujarat in 1925, Tyeb Mehta believed, "In art you have to go on for a long time before you can say 'I have done something.'" This site is an online resource for Tyeb Mehta’s biography, artwork, paintings, articles, awards, videos and books. Tyeb Mehta spent an initial period working as a film editor in a cinema laboratory. Tyeb Mehta, Kali. In 2005, Tyeb Mehta's ‘Mahishasura,' an interpretation of the buffalo-demon of Hindu mythology was bought for 1.58 million dollars at Christie's auction in New York. Tyeb Mehta. Tyeb Mehta, one of the most celebrated of India’s Modernist painters, whose work broke auction records even as he maintained a frugal and reclusive life, died Wednesday in … Raza and M.F. He was part of the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group and the first post-colonial generation of artists in India, like John Wilkins who also broke free from the nationalist Bengal school and embraced Modernism instead, with its post-impressionist colours, cubist forms and brusque, expressionistic styles. Tyeb Mehta (25 July 1925 – 2 July 2009) was an Indian painter. Leading auction house Christie's will pay a tribute to Indian artist Tyeb Mehta, who died recently, by presenting works from different periods of his oeuvre at an auction in London next month, which will also see creations of masters like M F Husain, F N Souza, S H Raza and Ram Kumar. The September 16 of South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art will feature over 100 works from leading … This Contemporary Indian Artist is well known for his preoccupation with the formalist means of expression. In 2005, he secured a place in the history of the art market by becoming the first Indian artist to have a work sell for over a million dollars. Disturbed by the riots of 1992, Mehta saw this as an opportunity to create a topical artwork and, thus, Durga Mahisasura Mardini was born. Price fetched: Rs 26.4 crore in 2018. Though India's art lovers have admired Tyeb Mehta's work for decades, his real moment in the sun came in 2002, when his triptych Celebration became the first Indian painting to sell at auction for over 10 million rupees. It sold at Christie's for 15 million Indian rupees (US$300,000) in 2002, the highest price a contemporary Indian piece of art has ever sold for in a public auction. Died: 2 July 2009. Tyeb Mehta's painting from 1999, Untitled (Falling Bull) at Christie's India Sale in 2014 was a virtuosic celebration of the iconic subjects and symbols that defined him. Tyeb Mehta Celebration Triptych Acrylic on canvas 94½ x 202½ in. Sunday Times News: Kali stares out, blue body twisted, red tongue protruding through yellowed teeth, with a tortured expression that could cut through glass. He avoided public engagements, choosing instead to spend his days in his studio—it was the place he said he was happiest. The 83-year old artist was suffering from heart trouble. Tyeb Mehta was born in 1925 in Kapadvanj, a town in the Indian state of Gujarat. (N Ezekiel, Tyeb Mehta, exhibition catalogue, New Delhi, 1970, unpaginated). His last canvas 'Kali' broke the Rs 1 crore barrier and his 'Celebration' went for Rs 1.5 crore in 2003. It sold at Christie`s for 15 million Indian rupees (US$300,000) in 2002, the highest price a contemporary Indian piece of … The trussed falling bull was the protagonist set upon a rickshaw, seemingly spiralling out of control towards cataclysm. (149.9 x 104.8 cm.) Mehta was conferred with the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 2007. He also received the Dayawati Modi Award in 2005, the Gold Medal from the President of India on the occasion of Lalit Kala Akademi’s Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2004, the Kalidas Samman from the Madhya Pradesh State Government in 1988, and the Prix Nationale in Cagnes sur Mer in 1974. Tyeb Mehta is survived by his wife Sakhina, a son and a daughter. Other than his wife and a handful of friends, few had access to him while he worked. The works of George Keyt, M.F. Husain and Tyeb Mehta provide testament to Picasso’s legacy and his influence, in varying degrees, on the practice of these three artists. Tyeb Mehta was a self-confessed recluse. In fact, when Tyeb Mehta moved to Delhi from London, it was Virender who gave him a small place to stay in exchange for a work of art every month. As a young man, he witnessed firsthand the violence that accompanied India’s partition, an event that was pivotal in the formation of his artistic vision. Tyeb Mehta is India’s most distinguished and admired artist. Celebrations, a chocolate collection made by Mars, Inc. Star Wars Celebration, an official Star Wars convention; Celebration, a Holiday Class cruise ship operated by Carnival Cruise Lines (240 x 510 cm.) Tyeb Mehta … He was part of the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group, which included F.N. Tyeb Mehta works are vastly celebrated across the world and they fetch millions of dollars in various auction houses. TYEB MEHTA. [Tyeb Mehta] Celebration is a triptych painting by Tyeb Mehta. Born: 26 July 1925. New Delhi: Tyeb Mehta, India’s celebrated modernist artist who rose to fame with his artwork named ‘Celebration’ in 2002 which sold for over Rs 1.5 crore at Christie’s is about to make history yet again with one of his prominent artworks. Over the … is published by Discover Artiana. Between 1959 and 1964 he lived and worked in London. In 2002, he purchased Tyeb Mehta’s Celebration, which, at $317,500 (approximately ₹2.3 crore), set a record for the highest price ever paid at auction at the time for an Indian painting. Celebration; Artist: Tyeb Mehta: Year: b.1925: Medium: Acrylic on canvas: Dimensions: 240.0 cm × 510.0 cm (94.5 in × 202.5 in) Location: Private collection: References. The turn of the 20 th century ushered a period of concerted artistic efforts to revisualize the female nude in a new light, shunning the former idioms that seemed increasingly restrictive or obsolete. He was an Indian painter, sculptor and filmmaker. Mehta’s paintings, filled with images of violent separation, falling figures and fractured forms, reflect the death and dislocation that followed Partition in 1947 and are now celebrated as seminal works of Indian art. Unlike Husain, his lifelong friend Tyeb Mehta was not so productive and ironically, while the former celebrated the Indian life the latter actively challenged it, serving instead as a killjoy and a disturbing reminder of human atrocities. His paintings from this period were influenced by European expressionism and were executed in sombre colours applied with a palette knife. 1979 The revered painter Tyeb Mehta spent the majority of his years contemplating the human condition. In 1959, Mehta left India for England where he lived for five years. Tyeb Mehta’s painting from 1999, Untitled (Falling Bull) is a virtuosic celebration of the iconic subjects and symbols that embody the oeuvre of this modern master. Famous for his Mahishasuras and falling figures, Mehta’s images speak of unspeakable violence and torment. Celebration is a triptych painting by Tyeb Mehta. The auction will open with a never-before-seen Tyeb Mehta painting; the reclusive artist was commissioned by a family of great provenance in 1993 while he was in Santiniketan, a small town north of Kolkata.

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